Mass Spectrometry staff position at Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center

26 Sep 2016 1:58 PM | Robert Blankenship

Mass Spectrometry staff position

Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center

Washington University in St. Louis

Staff Scientist Position available in the Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center (PARC) Mass Spectrometry Laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Chemistry (RE Blankenship, Director; ML Gross, PI). This laboratory is joined with the NIH Research Resource at Washington University (ML Gross, PI)

A staff mass spectrometrist position is available for a PhD scientist to develop and apply mass spectrometry in protein biophysics and structural proteomics as related to photosynthetic antenna complexes in the setting of the Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center, PARC, The scientist will collaborate with other PI’s who are members of PARC and provide mass spectrometry service in protein science and other macromolecules that are mimics of photosynthetic antenna. The scientist will also develop and apply methods in chemical crosslinking, Fast Photochemical Oxidation of Proteins (FPOP), H/D amide exchange, other protein footprinting, native mass spectrometry, ion mobility, and electron-capture dissociation.  This position is funded in full by the DOE for a period of 2 y with opportunity for additional funding for additional years.

The laboratory is staffed by 5 permanent scientists, 8 PhD students, and 5 postdoctoral students.  The instruments used for PARC research are a Thermo QE+, a Waters Synapt G2, a reconditioned Waters QToF for high m/z research, and a Thermo EMR.  Measurements are also possible on another Thermo QE, a 12 T Bruker Fourier transform ICR mass spectrometer, a Bruker MaXis High Performance QToF, a Thermo Orbitrap, a Thermo LTQ-FT ICR (7 T).

The candidate should have a PhD in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biophysics, or related field and have experience in mass spectrometry, protein science, and preferably with photosynthesis.  The minimum salary is $45,500 per year.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to sex, race, ethnicity, protected veteran, or disability status.

Applicants should contact Robert Blankenship ( and also submit an application to the Washington University Human Resources Department ( The job ID is 34246.



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